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Oso Vista Ranch, located 2 hours west of Albuquerque on Scenic Byway 53, offers comfortable, yet elegant, Santa Fe style accommodations. At 7400 feet above sea level, visitors enjoy hiking in the clean air and breath-taking beauty of the Zuni mountains of New Mexico. Pristine views across our sandstone studded valley, will delight your spirit and inspire the renewal of your body, mind, and spirit.

Our 88.8-acre ranch and the surrounding area has fascinating historical and cultural significance. Numerous Anasazi ruin sites, dating to approximately 900 AD, dot the Oso Vista property and surrounding hills.

One of the most scenic and significant of these sites is a kiva located, just 3 miles from the ranch, at El Morro National Monument. Visitors to El Morro Monument enjoy the fascination of the world’s largest cultural and historical outdoor archive. Inscriptions left behind on the rocks tell the stories of Spanish Conquistadors searching for gold and weary westward settlers heading for the promise of California. These carvings intermingle with ancient petroglyphs created by the original and still present inhabitants of the area.

Oso Vista Ranch borders the Ramah Navajo community and is 30 picturesque miles from Zuni Pueblo, giving visitors access to Native American marketplaces, dances and guided walks.

As an option, for those seeking adventure travel experiences, Oso Vista Ranch has partnered with Blue Desert Guide Company. This New Mexico guide company has been specially selected because of it's unique ability to give you an extraordinary adventure. They are committed to providing each of our travelers with a personal, completely customized tour package to reflect their individual and diverse interests. Between outdoor activities, cultural activities, and historical sightseeing opportunities, they will make this a trip you will not only remember but want to relive again. After your reservation dates with Oso Vista have been confirmed, contact Blue Desert Guide Company to discuss your many travel options:

The Oso Vista Ranch house offers several accommodation options:

The main house is approximately 3500 sq. ft., has three comfortable bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living room, large fully equipped kitchen, dining area with a spectacular view, large sun room, a cozy den with fireplace, satellite TV and high-speed wireless Internet.

Oso Vista's main house has 5 beds and one single futon and can sleep up to 8 people. The master suite is an additional charge and expands the sleeping capacity to 13.

Outdoors, the ranch house has a large patio w/ fire pit and sunset/sunrise deck with seating area that overlooks the breathtaking valley.

The adjoining master suite is available as additional main house accommodation or can be rented separately by those with light cooking needs. It is approximately 800 square feet and has a king bed, small kitchenette, loft bedroom with queen bed and writing desk, and adjoining master bath.

The ranch offers quiet walking trails with natural sandstone amphitheaters that overlook the desert valley... perfect for personal relaxation or small group work.

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Oso Vista's owner, Margaret Merrill, author of "Live the Life You Love," also offers exciting PurposeQuest Retreats at this beautiful mountain ranch. During these relaxed weekends, Margaret will lead you through the process of discovering your life's purpose and then will help you establish a plan to live it intentionally, through projects, businesses and foundations.

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